From the Heart

Vocal(s): by DWB feat. fade

Filled with hatred for that they have taken from me
Longing for the days when life was still untainted
So pissed off
The one’s that I Loved most are gone
Took my choice, left me with the blame
Now I am trapped like a rat in this cage

I’m isolated in my lack of trust
But you give me something to believe in
when I forget that there is something pure still left in this world

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One Reason

Vocal(s): by DWB feat. fade
Description: Deadman Wonderland – Opening theme

Slit the throat off of reason and reality
Cut myself and scream for their insanity
Wake up to this nightmare that will never end
Main attraction of this twisted master plan

Trust nothing but pain to get me through the daze
Sleep with one eye open not to be their prey
Fist against my face, they bring me to my knees
Pressures crushing down so hard
I can’t break free

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