Beet the Vandel Buster – Original Soundtrack

Name: Original Soundtrack
CD Release: 2005/06/22

01. bouken ou beet main theme
02. aban title A~Darness eyes
03. aban title B
04. bouken ou beet
05. senkai arasuji (last sumarry)
06. safu Title
07. jaaku naru kehai (sign of becoming evil)
08. mamono shuurai (invasion of monster)
09. beet theme
10. beet and his friends
11. feelings of zenon
12. shinobi yoru kyoufu (the fear of stealing)
13. Tragedy of the king Beltoze
14. confrontation~ a desperate situation ~a turn around
15. the end of the mortal battle
16. Brothers’s bonds
17. oath
18. aratanaru teki (a new ennemy)
19. Hero
20. theme of evil visitor
21. Director shagi
22. Prosperity of the street
23. futur of the bride
24. looking the night sky
25. Time suspense
26. entry of gurinide
27. string of tension
28. explosion of anger
29. Final battle
30. Calling on Busters
31. agile fang of this hand
32. The hit for the victory
33. Hope for tomorrow
34. Eternal Wing
35. Next episode

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